JD Jackson
Pronoun Preference:  He/His

As the Chief Operating Officer of SEEED, JD brings a wealth of knowledge and connection to the board of Bryant’s Bridge. The mission of SEEED is to create pathways out of poverty for young adults & promotes positive community development through career readiness training, environmental education, & community engagement.  They work to create energy efficient homes in the most impoverished neighborhoods of Knoxville by rehabilitating and upgrading older homes.  They also have a Career Readiness Program (CRP) that provides young adults aged 18-24 real-world job skills and life skills that prepare them for the professional world and other SEEED programs, such as community engagement and weatherization training classes.  JD also brings knowledge of 501c3 management and grant writing specific to improving housing.  SEEED will be a potential partner in numerous ways for Bryant’s Bridge, particularly in the areas of acquisition, rehabilitation and funding sources.