Sinead Doherty
Pronoun Preference:  She/Her

Sinead is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor currently working at Harmony Family Center, where she serves adoptive families as a trauma therapist, as well as running the therapeutic day camp program. Sinead’s training is focused on the neuroscience of trauma, and she also spends time training the community on the impacts of trauma on mental and physical health, as well as assisting programs in becoming more trauma-responsive. 

Sinead also serves as the youth minister at the Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan in Knoxville. She has spent 7 years in this role, planning and implementing a variety of educational experiences and ethical service projects for youth in grades 4-12. Her primary goal in this job is creating an affirming youth group experience for all young people. Sinead has been a member of Good Samaritan for 25 years. She is highly involved in the Episcopal church locally and nationally, and has been elected twice to serve 3-year terms as a Deputy to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, where she is responsible for conducting legislative business on behalf of the broader church. 

In her free time, Sinead enjoys spending time with her girlfriend, playing with her four Italian Greyhounds, kayaking and having fun with her two mentees through the Amachi Knoxville program.