John W. Jowers
Pronoun Preference:  He/His

John Jowers has been the President of Mobilized Financial Services since its inception.  Services offered include Accountaing Software Selection and Implementation; Audits, Reviews and Compilations; Bookkeeping; Business Entity Selection; Estate and Trust Tax Preparation; IRS Representation; Notary Public; Payroll Services; Retirement Planning; Sales Tax Services and Tax Preparation and Planning.  He has conducted tax preparation personally for Sean Bryant for 18 years. 

From his website:

This year we are celebrating our 35th year. We are blessed to have over 400 clients in 15 states and 10 Tennessee counties. We are not limited by geography.

In 1983, our concept of visiting client homes actually began as sort of a fluke because we did not establish an office outside of the owners’ home until 1999.

In our 1st year, we served about 25 clients. Our home client visits has now grown to over 225 with about 75 out of state clients and over 100 that visit our office.